Charity program for disable children at Thuy An welfare center

Disable children at Thuy An center
On September 18th, 2011, 28 members of Go To Know club and PYS Travel staffs have a visit to Thuy An welfare center as an annual charity activities of the club.

I .About Thuy An welfare center
Thuyan Rehabilitation Center for Handicapped Children was established in 1976 (under the Ministry of Labor Invalids and Social Affairs - MOLISA) and placed in Thuyan Commune, Bavi District, Hanoi.
  • Its roles and mission are: Admission, care, nursing, orthopedic surgery, education, and vocational training for handicapped children of martyrs, invalids, and sick soldiers, plus children after-effected by dioxin, and those in poor families in all towns and provinces in North Vietnam.
  • Thuyan is a rehabilitation center having a comprehensive system of mental and physical therapy. It closely associates medicine with education and vocational training. The staffs have many years of experience with high solidarity, responsibility, and compassion, which creates conditions that help children integrate into communities as soon as possible, thereby reducing the burden to families and society. 
Currently, there are 106 handicapped children, 26 abandoned orphans, 52 desolate old people and 92 disabled old people.

Go To Know members
II. The trip
Participation: 27 people
As the well-prepared plan, we gathered at the gate 1 of International Convention Center at exactly 7 am. We are 27 people from different universities that all have one aim that is to contribute small parts to bring the warm autumn to unhappy children and elderly people in Thuy An center.  At 7:30 am, our trip began. We had a wonderful time together, made new friends and exchanged voluntary experience on the bus. We arrived at the center at 9am then categorized donated stuff. We had 3 groups to go and visit houses for children and elderly people. After that, we visited the cemetery of Thuy An center, where unfortunate souls rest in peace. In the afternoon, we helped the staff clean and take care of disable children . We also had a friendly talk with the director of the center about the trip.
Around 5pm, we went back to Hanoi

The trip truly left an unforgettable  memory on us.

Thanks to the generous donations of volunteers and donors, PYS Travel and Go to Know Club collected :(in VND)
- Present for the center in cash: 1,000,000 VND
- Money given for foster mothers at Children’s House: 100,000 x 18 = 1,800,000 VND
- Cookies: 10kg x 50,000 = 500,000(VND)
- Cleansers to clean the floor: 7 x 24,000 = 168,000 (VND)
- Toilet paper: 10 x 20,000 = 200,000 (VND)
- Washing powder: 7 x 70,000 = 490,000(VND)
- Small sized diapers: 2 x 35,000 = 70,000
- Big sized diapers: 4 x 60 = 240,000
- Towels: 35 x 11,000 = 385,000
- Incense: 100 x 2500 = 250,000
- Food for burn incensing: 54,000
- Jelly+ candies: 35,000

III. PYS Travel Volunteer Project
The staff of PYS Travel and Go to Know Club organize trips to Thuyan Rehabilitation Center for Handicapped Children every month . Therfore, if you are interested in voluntary work, please consult our website ( and ) or organizer at for news and further information about Thuy An center and other meaningful projects.


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