Hanoi's National Hospital of Pediatrics

Helping to bring some fun and happiness to the lives of children at Hanoi's National Hospital of Pediatrics.

Work & activities: The National Hospital of Pediatrics specializes in the treatment of children, and receives patients from different provinces across Vietnam. The hospital consists of 22 departments, with the number of permanent patients under treatment numbering up to 1000-1200, of ages ranging from infancy to nearly 17 years old. The majority of them are afflicted with difficult to cure ailments that require treatment by specialists such as hematologists and nephrologists. Most patients come from low-income families with parents working in agriculture. Life for these families is often very difficult.
During the treatment period, patients do not have the opportunity to participate in common leisure activities, which adds to the stress of staying a long time in hospital. These children are in desperate need of fun activities to take their minds away from their daily worries. we needs volunteers to organize games and collective activities for the children (e.g: singing, drawing, magic shows, etc).Volunteers can prepare a performance with the children every month. They can also help the Vietnamese volunteers to build playrooms and a library.

Objectives: The volunteers will support the children by playing with them. Through games, volunteers will help to distract the children from their physical and mental pain and reduce their fear of being in hospital. We hopes that the work of Vietnamese and international volunteers can help to make the hospital stay of these lovely children in the hospital more comfortable and enjoyable.

Accommodation & Food: Simple and small accommodation in Volunteer House. Volunteers will stay in dormitory beds. It is supposed to have from 5 to 6 volunteers sharing a bedroom and up to 18 volunteers sharing 2 bathrooms/showers. Volunteers need to take their sleeping bag, mosquito net, pillow and sheet with them. Volunteers are responsible for their food: they can cook by themselves in the kitchen of the VL House or go and eat outside. Vegetarian catering is possible.

Leisure activities: Hanoi has many historical and cultural landmarks and is a popular destination for tourists. Visiting the Old Quarter or traditional trade villages are good choices for volunteers at weekends or during free-time. Many cultural festivals are held in Hanoi annually so this is a great chance for volunteers to explore the Capital which is 1000 years old.

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Remarks: Volunteers need to be enthusiastic, patient, optimistic, full of energy and ready to work with sick children. They also need to be creative in organizing activities for the children so that they will feel relaxed.


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